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American Hypnosis Institute, founded by Dr. Joan Katz, a Harvard trained physician and hypnotist, and Glenn Miller, a world renowned hypnotist and entertainer, is an innovative leader in the field of hypnosis.   AHI combines the art of medicine, the science of the mind and hypnosis to promote optimal health and wellness in mind, body and spirit by enhancing one's own natural self healing abilities. 

AHI introduces Hypno-Aromatherapy- a new KEY to unlock and harness the innate powers of the mind to help you to achieve your goals of health, happiness, and success in all areas of your life.

A new KEY to unlock and 
harness the innate power of the mind

American Hypnosis Institute offers a myriad of hypnotherapy treatment modalities for medical conditions, self-improvement and self empowerment.  AHI also is a resource for hypnotherapists developing a number of propriety techniques. subliminal tapes,  and original Royalty-Free background Music to enhance all areas of a hypnotherapist's  practice empowering clients for success. 
Hypnosis is is a powerful tool that enhances the mind body connection effecting physiological and psychological changes and can facilitate recovery from past traumas by rewiring the brain. 

The following is a list of some of the conditions for which hypnosis can be used:

Lose Weight - weight control
Virtual Gastric Band
Stop Emotional Eating
Stop Smoking
Exercise Motivation
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Auto immune Diseases
Improve Immune System
Healing Powers of Hypnosis

Pain Management
Chronic pain
Arthritis pain
Child birth hypnosis


Self Improvement
Improve memory
Test taking
Study Habits
Increase Ability to Focus
Self Confidence
Self Esteem
Assertiveness Training
Stop Negative Thoughts
Social Anxiety
Improve Sports performance
Improve Golf game
Improve sleep
Break Bad Habits

Relationship Issues
Improve relationships
Sexual Dysfunction
Fear of Commitment
Dating Issues
Sexual Performance Anxiety


Personal Development
Success at business
Clarify and Achieve Goals
Public Speaking
Overcome Procrastination
Language Learning
Performance Anxiety
Exam stress - Test Anxiety
Stress Reduction
Eliminate Stuttering 

Eliminate Fears & Phobias
Fear of Spiders
Fear of Heights
Fear of Failure
Fear of Driving
Fear of Success
Fear of Dark
Fear of Water
Fear of Flying
Fear of Elevators
Panic Attacks
Social Phobias



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